A Trip to the Rilakkuma Café

The other day I finally got a chance to visit the Rilakkuma café in Harajuku.
It’s only open for a limited period so the reservations are going really fast.
Also, I work during the day so most of the spots I was actually free for went reaaally soon.
Reservations are done through the website and you have the choice between two free gifts.
Option A was this limited edition sticker and the much cheaper option. This sold out really quickly obviously.
Option B was a bit more expensive and you get a limited edition mason jar. Look how cute!


Like most of these special theme cafes, you have a limited set of food and drink options.
You have to choose before you enter and I assume they start preparing your order before you go in to keep things moving quickly.
I ordered the Rilakkuma carbonara and the chocolate mousse.
My friends got the Eggs Benedict, the strawberry parfait and the strawberry smoothie.
All the food was of course, super cute but as far as quality, it was pretty average tasting.


The chocolate mousse made the biggest impact when it came out.
They had it under a Korilakkuma cloche and when they opened it out there was dry ice.
It was all very dramatic! And so cute! And way too big for one person to eat!
To be honest, I forgot that I’m not a big fan of how they make chocolate mousse in Japan, I always expect it to be creamy but it is more jelly-like.


Even cuter than the food, was the café itself! Right from the entrance way I knew it was going to make me die of cuteness.
The point of the café is to introduce a new character to the Rilakkuma family.
As such, the new character Koguma-chan was everywhere! On the walls, the seat next to me, the small store, all the café goods!
Koguma is about as small as Korilakkuma and has a white fluffy chest. It also loooves honey. Honey is one of the major themes of the café.


When you enter the café you are given a number. When it is called you get a chance to go to the small shop with a lot of limited edition goods. I was really tempted to buy a lot of stuff because it was all so cute but I have just moved house and I don’t wanna fill my new place with stuff I won’t use. However a lot of it was special edition so I had to indulge a little.
If you don’t choose to buy anything however you can still get some free posters and coasters! Super cute!


Some people might be wondering if they can still go even if they haven’t made a reservation.
Fear not! They sell some tickets on the day but they sell out really quickly if that’s what you plan.
I recommend trying a weekday if you are in Tokyo on holiday of something. Go while you still have a chance, it ends on April 10th!!


東京都渋谷区神宮前4-28-28 Lucessimoビル 2F

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