Nail trends: Asymmetry

This season there are so many nail trends to talk about. It’s hard for me to find I favourite but I’ll start with the last on I did myself:
Asymmetrical nails! In Japanese it’s called アシンメトリーネイル. The basic idea, is getting two different designs on each hand.
How complicated you want to make it is up to you, but in general people seem to keep a running theme between the designs on each hand.
For example, French tips tortoiseshell patterns in different colours.

assymmetric nails
For mine, I went for marble nails with gold leaf accents on the left, and iridescent oil slick glitter on the right.
I kept them both short and flat, on the one hand to be easy to type with, and on the other hand to not add to much detail.
I’ve seen some examples of two completely different 3D patterns and designs on each hand and I just couldn’t get into it.
It was way too much to focus on, especially when the fingers on each hand have slightly different designs too.


This trend is super easy to mimic, even if you aren’t in Japan and even if you don’t get gels done.
This also matches really easily with other nail trends so you can be even trendier!
Give it a go! Let me know how you like this look too.

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