I’m a Barbie girl

Last month I moved out of the share house I had been staying in since I moved back to Tokyo.
On literally my last day (while I was clearing out the kitchen) one of the girls in the house asked if I wanted to hang out and be friends.
I was really happy because for the past 6 months I hadn’t really gotten to know anyone new that well.
Any time I wasn’t working I had been spending with my existing friends which meant my circle has stayed pretty small.
So she added me on LINE and asked me if I wanted to go to the Barbie café in Yokohama.
If you saw my Rilakkuma café post you know that Japan has a lot of theme cafés and also that I’m really into going to them so of course I said yes.


The Barbie café, actually called Pink Holiday, is a permanent fixture in Yokohama so we didn’t make a reservation before going.
This nearly backfired when we found out it was actually pretty busy and the day we went they initially told us we could only stay for an hour.
Luckily the other reservation cancelled so we could stay longer and make the most of the café. Of course I took a million photos!
Like the Rilakkuma café, in the entrance they had some Barbie goods for sale. They also had signed pictures of all the famous people who have visited the café.
That includes Popteen girls, Larme girls and current queen of Harajuku Peco.


Like most little girls I was Barbie obsessed as a child. Unlike most little girls, my mother indulged my ever Barbie related whim because she wasn’t allowed dolls as a child.
Barbie as a brand is a big deal in Japan but the actually dolls weren’t a cornerstone of my Japanese friends’ childhoods (that honour goes to Licca).
This explains why, as I looked around this café that is filled with so many special edition Barbies and Barbie goods and my child heart was going crazy, my friend was more into the furnishings.
If you wanna see some cool special Barbie goods, it’s worth a visit. If you just want a cute café that’s great selfie fodder, it’s probably worth a visit too.


So how was the food? Well it was okay, but nothing to write home about. I had a cake plate and the cheese fondue.
The food tasted okay, and they had made an effort with the presentation clearly but I wasn’t into it. The plates had finger print marks from the cocoa powder they tried to decorate with.
The big draw of the café seems to be the Barbie cakes they make. Think your 5 year old birthday, over the top frosting, has a Barbie doll inside it, cakes.
While I was there, not one, not 2, but 3 different tables ordered the birthday Barbie cake, which came with a song too. It was very cute.


I briefly mentioned it before but, this café is great for photos. They even have a Barbie box for you to take pictures in.
If you pay you can get checki taken of you posing in the doll box but I just used my smartphone.
Before taking photos, they have a dress up section with cute accessories and outfits so you can be your best doll for your shot.
I didn’t try any of it on because I was already looking cute couldn’t be bothered.


To sum up, if you are in Yokohama and you have time, check out the café.
The food isn’t the reason to go, but the décor is so maybe just go for cake and tea and the atmosphere.
If you go on a weekend or holiday, make an appointment first so you don’t get disappointed like we nearly were.

Pink Holiday Café
TEL 045-315-6711
ADDRESS 横浜市中区宮川町2-49桜木町TSビル2F

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