September Nails

I’m super late with this but I was so happy with them I still want to show off my nails from September. I got these done at Jill&Lovers Harajuku. They were way more expensive than I usually pay for nails, even with a referral discount. However the quality was really good – no lifting, very flat, no fading. Also Jill & Lovers use paragel with is supposed to be less damaging to your nails which is always nice.


I really like Sayo, the nailist. She does my friends’ nails so we already had stuff to talk about. Also I got the morning appointment so i was just me and her in the shop. I can’t do Harajuku on the weekend because there are way too many people but the morning is bearable.


I love the mirror/aurora nail trend. It’s still new in Japan so not all the nailists can do it, or do it well yet. However I’ve started to see some really cute experimentation with the technique so I’ll definitely do it again.

Jill&Lovers Harajuku

営業時間:AM12:00 ~ PM 9:00 /定休日:毎週火曜日


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