Cute Brand Watch – pipi lottie

pipi lottie (ピピロッティー) started in September last year and they specialise in the cute casual style similar to bubbles or a toned down onespo.  It’s very Larme and totally the kind of style I love right now. They describe themselves as “the spot for fashionable girls that love cute casual style”. Think baby pink silk bomber jackets, pastel tone dad hats and plaid skirts in adorable shades.


pipi lottie is actually a select shop, so calling it a brand is a reach tbh. They source cute clothes from Korea (because that trend is still hot) that fit their image and sell them on their webstore. They have no physical locations. The price point is super reasonable; around wego levels. Nothing that I’ve seen was over ¥10,000($85), more around the ¥2,000 -¥3,000 range ($20ish), so it’s perfect for cute girls on a budget.

Considering the models they are choosing, it’s safe to say they are aiming for the younger fashion fan, mid-teens to early 20s. If you take a look at their Instagram you can see the typical cute girl faves like Kurotaki Maria(LARME), Yoshiki Chisato (LARME)and Ai Matsumoto (JELLY).


Overall I like what they’re doing. It’s not ground breaking, true, but it’s what is hot right now and I like it. Going the Instagram route with their promo, instead of the magazines is actually inspired because they are still getting the reach they need by using the models their target customer is following without the magazine fees. After all, I stumbled across them on Suzuki Aya’s Instagram. Check them out if you’re interested!

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