Fashion News : KERA and GLB go out of print

Sad news for J-fashion fans. In the wake of the wake of FRUiTS ceasing publication last month, another one bites the dust.  KERA, another Harajuku fashion powerhouse magazine, has announced it’s last print edition this April. Also, the Gothic Lolita Bible will go out of print too, it’s last issue in May!

This announcement cut me deep because KERA has such a long history and was/is so popular. When I was a teenager getting my hands on either magazine was like gold dust to me. Back when I was into lolita I dreamed about one day being featured in KERA or the Gothic Lolita Bible. So yeah, sad news.

I mean it’s no secret that print media is struggling these days, and many of the big gal magazines *cough*egg*cough* died a while back. This isn’t only affecting the Japanese magazines either. However, KERA was so involved with the scene and launched so many popular girls it could have easily translated that success into the digital realm. I almost feel it’s a couple years too late for them to make that step now, but I do have hope for them.

Japanese street style magazines have been banking on the power of personality forever, hence the reader models. Girls around your age that you want to be friends with, wear the same clothes as, go to the same parties as… That’s the kind of thing that works so well on YouTube or other digital formats. It’s no secret that I love LARME magazine and while I’ve bought literally every copy, I wish they would have more of an active online presence so this inevitable print death won’t equal a death of a subculture.


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