Fashion News: DaTuRa’s take on the Virgin Killing Sweater

What the hell is a virgin killing sweater you may be wondering? Well, it’s basically a sleeveless, backless knit turtleneck that is revealing to the extreme (and kills virgins I guess). It started gaining notoriety months ago on Japanese twitter when someone made a post about it. After that it became a bit of a trend in the otaku community to the extent that even talents outside of that sphere got in on it.trend sweater

Last Friday, DaTuRa tossed their hat into the ring with their take on the virgin killing sweater. Despite it being borderline off-season (knitwear isn’t very spring summer to me in Japan, considering how short Spring is and how hot Summer is) this sweater does suit the DaTuRa girl. I’m not sure if they brought this out because of the trend but it seems likely to  me. Also, it’s totally sold out so it was clearly a good idea for them.

datura sweater

It’s notably less sexed up (doesn’t show side boob or ass crack) and the selling point is the flexibility of the ties up the back. If it wasn’t April, I’d be tempted to buy it because I love backless stuff like this. What do you guys think of DaTuRa’s take on this hyper sexy knitwear?


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