Fashion Talk : LARME 101

Anyone who has taken even a brief look at this blog knows I am a fan of LARME, both the magazine and the style. The first issue of LARME (pronounced larumu in Japanese) was released September 2012 as a magazine centering on sweet, cute women’s fashion.

larme issue 1
Humble beginnings: the first issue of LARME

It calls itself an art book rather than a magazine and the difference comes across in the paper quality and the design. These books are collectables. The first issue sold out that same day, and the popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The styles shown in LARME didn’t come from the magazine; this was an existing fashion tribe or there would be no need for the magazine. However, the magazine’s popularity lent its name to the style(s) featured within so we call it LARME-kei.

I honestly feel like lots of the things I loved from early 2000s Gal lives on in larme-kei. They don’t tan and the makeup isn’t heavy like back in the day but the spirit of having fun with femininity is there. Just look at how the hair styling is developing. Also, many of the brands used really straddle the boundary between fashion and costume which is what first drew me to Japanese fashion. Sure, for every trendsetter there’s ten girls dressing by numbers but even they look better than most!

larme hair styling
Larme style hair arrangement by Kumi at Shima hair in Kichijoji

I really wanted to compile a series of posts hat really broke down the key brands, inspirations and the influencers that make LARME what it is. I’m not sure just yet how many posts I’ll do but hopefully they will give some more depth on the style and interest more people in it.

Just in case you were wondering, the next issue of LARME is released on May 17th.

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