Nail trends: Shells

Been a little while since I’ve done a nail trend post (or any at all but forgive me it’s been rough for me lately). This trend is all over Japan this summer and it’s so cute I just have to show it.

Anyone who is anyone has been sporting 3D sculpted shells. The technique is similar to the ice cream cone/ unicorn horn looks I’ve seen from some western nailists.

jillandlovers shells
(Jill&Lovers flow)

Because this is such a widespread trend, my favourite part is how people are trying it with different techniques for a fresh take.

For example with mirror or aurora powder (briller luxe)

briller shells

With gradients and glitter (POCHE)

poche shells

Or a more quirky take on shells (si_oux)

sioux shells

Check out the the instas of the examples I posted! What do you guys think of this trend? Have you tried it? Would you like to?

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