Fashion News: A/W trends (Tartans&Checks)

I know, I know it’s still August and if you are in Japan it is still stiflingly hot but fashion waits for no one. The brands have been hosting their A/W presentations and we finally get a peak at what is in store for the next few months. I want to spread the trends over a couple of posts but the first one is a big one: checks and tartans!

The ‘Burberry’ Check
When I first saw hints of this becoming a hot trend I was a little confused because this check is so closely linked with ‘chav’ culture in the UK. Luckily I live in Japan now though and I can be a fashion victim without that unfortunate association!

I almost feel a little sorry for Burberry, since they’ve only recently dragged themselves and their check back into high fashion. Their check is trademarked but that hasn’t stopped a couple Japanese brands from releasing clothes in their own versions of it. From sweet and girly (Swankiss) to grungy gal (Last Virgin) it looks like the Burberry check is about to become unfashionably fashionable again.

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I love a good tartan, and it’s a staple for the colder months. A few brands have incorporated tartan into their A/W offerings. Regardless of your personal style there’s something to love. Tartan is so versatile, whether it’s part of a punk look(Ank Rouge, onespo) or more heritage inspired(lodispotto).

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Glen Check
The Glen check, or the Prince of Wales check, is making the rounds with most of the girly brands this season. Characterised by its mix of dark and light stripes, this check has a royal seal of approval. It’s going to be hard to miss it this season but I picked out of few examples from ma*rs, Liz Lisa and Avan Lily.

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So what do you guys think? Are you going to be wearing any of these checks in your autumn/winter wardrobe?


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