Fashion News: Is Gyaru-den the future of Gal?

Some of you who read the Universal Doll might remember the post about a pair of girls who go by the name Gyaru-Den here. Well the girls popped up again with an interview for Model Press here (in Japanese only). They ran into them last Saturday just before Halloween and the girls were featured on TV this month too! I’m not going to translate the whole interview because a lot of it is ground Mitsu already covered but I thought I’d give you the gist of it.


Who are they?
The Gyaru-den duo is made up of Kyoko and Mao. Former pole dancer Kyoko got interested in electronics and with no formal training just started making stuff by taking apart things from 100 yen shops. Mao is a university student and is studying electronics but it’s only since she joined gyaru-den a year ago that she started making things.


How did they meet?
A friend introduced them and they first spoke over Skype! They were both looking for other gyaru interested in electronics. Kyoko said she was looking for a gyaru interested in making electronics for two years!


How they got into gyaru?
Mao says she was interested in ganguro from when she was 5 and in her first year of middle school she started doing her make up and looking to magazines like “egg”, “Ranzuki” and “Popteen” for inspiration. Similar to Erimokkori-chan from my other interview translation she laments the decline of gals and wishes there would be more. She thinks people should be more flashy and wear the clothes they want.


What’s their goal?
They want to make Gyaru-den part of the culture. Just like girls wanted to by ganguro, they want more girls to want to make electronics and light up everywhere to stand out. They want electronics aimed at gyaru to take off. Rather than recruiting members like a circle they feel if you are into these electronics and call yourself a gal you are already gyaru-den. Guy or girl, if you think “I want to be gyaru-den, then you are already “gyaru-den”.  So go buy a soldering iron guys!

Gyaru-den twitter: here


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