Nail talk: let’s speak French 

Everyone knows what a French manicure is right? After all it’s a classic that you can do so much with! I love getting french manicures because they last longer. My nails grow pretty quickly and if I get full colour the grow out is really obvious. Not so with the old faithful french manicure. However in Japan “french” nails broadly speaking just means not painting the full nail. So, if you ever pop into a Japanese nail salon, remember these types!

1. Reverse French (逆フレンチ)

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This is when you get a very deep french done. Usually it’s when you paint everything but the half moons at your nail bed.

2. Slanted French (斜めフレンチ)

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This is a diagonal French pattern. It can be as deep or shallow as you like but always slants along the nail. It can make your french nails look modern. I tend to only get this on a couple of fingers when I do it though.

3. Half French (ハーフフレンチ)

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This one is pretty self explanatory. Only colour on half the nail, which is a cute way to mix it up. Especially if you use lame or stones on the midway point!

4. Heart French (ハートフレンチ)

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A popular style around Valentines day, Heart French is with you get half a heart painted on the top part of the nail. This is another one that works as a feature nail really well.

5. Fluffy French(ふわふわフレンチ)

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Not going to lie, I might have a proper name for this wrong but basically it is when you get french tips with a scalloped edge. Whether it’s on a standard french or slanted french it makes your design look even cuter.

Which style do you like best? Give one of them a try next time you get your nails done to jazz up a french manicure.


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