Brand News: 2 New J-Fashion brands

In the run up to the end of the year there have been plenty of announcements. Some fun, some less so. This is a good one as two new j-fashion brands have announced they’ll be setting up shop in the New Year.


“Popteen” model Nicole Fujita announced on TV on Sunday that she is producing a fashion brand named ニコロン(NiCORON). That same day the brand’s website went up. Right now it’s just white noise with only flashes of images but she plans to start selling items in the New Year. She’s going to give out further details on the 20th so watch this space.

What kind of brand do you think she’s going to produce? Looking at the magazines she models for and her own personal style it’s actually hard to call. Will it be more sweet and girly or will it be more mature and fashion forward? Her personal style has matured so much over the past year it’s exciting to see what she’s going to do!

NiCORON website: Here


Not gal related but Hyde (of L’Arc〜en〜Ciel fame) is also debuting his new brand collaborating with ex-Roen designer Hiromu Takahara.  Roen is known for its high price clothing loved by j-band guys all over (though they do also have a women’s collection).  The items go up for sale on the 20th.

On Monday they held a presentation where they showed off some of the items that they’ll be selling. The unisex street fashion brand is aimed at people as edgy as its name and has a similar price point to Roen. They debut S/S collection has 30 items in total  and they have plans on at least 4 more with hopes of making global moves in the future.

SWITCHBLADE website: Here

So that’s the launch of two very different brands (I’m assuming, maybe Nicorun will shock me) to end a year that’s had a lot of magazine closures and a lot of concern that j-fashion may be dying, or at least moving away from the subcultures that popularized it abroad. I’m excited to see what next year brings rather than sad about what we have lost in this one. How about you guys?

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