Brand News: NiCORON launch

In my last post I said Nicole Fujita’s brand website would be open on the 20th. Well now it’s up let’s talk about what her brand has on offer.

The concept is a life size casual brand with her take on the trends.  It’s based on a sporty, street look but with a happy pop image thrown in too (kind like Mudilaf but shhh).

She is opening a store in Shibuya 109 from February 18th. Clothes will be available that same day online from Stripe Club and from Feb 20th on Zozotown.

She also launched the brand’s Instagram page here 

nicoron instagram

So let’s talk about the clothes on offer. I can see a really strong 90s kid vibe running through all her clothing and styling. Lots of bright colour blocking is how the ‘pop’ and ‘happy’ image she was talking about in her concept comes through. Everything looks comfortable, nothing too fitted, all very wearable. To be honest I’m a little disappointed. Not because the clothes don’t look good, but because I’ve seen all of this before, both the first time round and from other brands in Japan and overseas the past couple of years. Even the styling isn’t that unique. I see hints of we-go and WC and lily brown.

It’s not for me. I loathe those tea length skirts…I hated them back in the 90s and I hate them now. That is fine because I am definitely not the girl she is designing for and I’m sure there’s a bunch of girls that will eat all this up. I wish her the best of luck and I am eager to see more of what the brand comes up with as her style matures.  What do you guys think? Is the retro casual your thing or are you going to pass on this one?

nicoron engrish

Side note but English errors like this irritate the piss out of me. Ask a translator, ask a friend, ask anybody to proofread something before your big site launch. It’s 2017, that shit isn’t cute anymore.


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