Nail spam

It's been so long since I've shown my own nails (unless you follow my instagram). I thought I'd start November off with a spam of the year. Right now I'm taking a break so it's nice to look at my old claws. July White starry acrylics by Jill and Lovers Harajuku's Sayo September Gucci inspired [...]

Nail trends: Shells

Been a little while since I've done a nail trend post (or any at all but forgive me it's been rough for me lately). This trend is all over Japan this summer and it's so cute I just have to show it. Anyone who is anyone has been sporting 3D sculpted shells. The technique is [...]

Fashion News: What was gal? Erimokkori-chan’s dream [translation]

The following post is a translation of an article featured on fashionsnap here: Original Japanese article The original has a lot of pictures so check that out too and give them their hits! Before starting this assignment I happily told everyone "I'm going to meet a ganguro gal!" but the response everyone gave me was: "They still [...]